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    A wildlife series for children, Zoboomafoo teaches young viewers about animals and empowers them to explore the world around them. Zoboo is every little kid's dream, a wonderful talking animal who's a special pal. More than 500 animals visit Animal Junction where Zoboo and the Kratt Brothers, creators of the series, leap, run, dig and take mud...

    • Mangatsika Inc., The Earth Creatures Co.
    • United States of America
    • 65 x 30'
    • English
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    Yo Gabba Gabba: A Very Awesome Holiday Show!

    Join the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba! as they dance, sing and decorate the tree to prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus in this live-stage performance! Special appearances by hip-hop legend Biz Markie, superstar Leslie Hall, and the one and only Santa Claus! Snowflakes are falling and we can hardly wait! 

    • DHX Media, The Magic Store
    • United States of America
    • 1 x 60'
    • English
  • Series
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    Yo Gabba Gabba!

    Yo Gabba Gabba! is a ground-breaking series that infuses retro style and modern-day music that parents can enjoy with their kids, while teaching simple life lessons through hip songs and dancing. Led by DJ Lance Rock, a vibrant cast of puppet characters and special guests sing, play and dance when they hear the magic words..."YO GABBA GABBA!".

    • The Magic Store, Wild Brain Productions
    • United States of America, 2007
    • 66 x 22'
    • English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew,...
  • Series

    Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

    The world's greatest thief is on the loose, and it's up to two young detectives to find her.  The only complication is that they, and Carmen, exist inside of a computer game and they must depend on their human "player" to provide them with essential information.  With "Indiana Jones" type adventure, and mysterious clues, "Where in the World is...

    • DIC
    • United States of America, 1993
    • 40 x 30'
    • English, Spanish, Italian, German,...
  • Series

    What About Mimi?

    WHAT ABOUT MIMI is a snappy, savvy, family-oriented cartoon series centering on 11 year-old MIMI MORTON: problem-solver extraordinaire. Mimi trains her earnest attentions on the people in her life: her brothers JASON and BRADELY, her parents SAFFRON and MARV, and her friends RUSSELL and ELAINE. Sensitive and perceptive, MIMI is swift to size up...

    • Decode Entertainment
    • Canada, 2000
    • 39 x 30'
    • English, French
  • Series
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    We Are Savvy

    When three very different girls start to feel like they’re drowning in a tidal wave of tutus, tiaras and princess dresses, they decide to take creative control of the situation. Despite their radically different backgrounds, music tastes and celebrity crushes, the girls put their differences behind them and combine forces to design an online...

    • B Minors Studio
    • Canada, 2015
    • 20 x 22'
    • English
  • Series


    Taking a completely original approach, the series focuses on children's feelings and the Piplings embody a range of emotions including love, wisdom, happiness and harmony - all in search of Waybuloos.

    • DHX Media, Foundation TV Productions Ltd.
    • United Kingdom, Canada
    • 150 x 19'
    • English
  • Series

    Waffle the Wonder Dog

    Waffle the Wonder Dog is an original comedy drama series for children aged 4 – 7 and their families. When the Brooklyn-Bells start living together as a newly blended family, they don't expect to take on a pet too – until that is, they find an adorable, little, lost puppy hiding in their house...  Watch as Waffle woofs and wags his way into the...

    • Darral MacQueen
    • United Kingdom, 2017
    • 30 x 22 min
    • English
  • Series

    Urban Vermin

    Large battles and small, Abe and Ken duke it out in alleyways, in sewers, on rooftops, on electrical towers, and even in the city park. Abe and Ken are caught in a twisted and hilarious war of petty sibling rivalry that neither of them is prepared to lose.

    • Decode Entertainment
    • Canada, 2007
    • 26 x 30'
    • English, French, Portuguese
  • Series


    Four friends, sworn to a lifetime of friendship, attempt to maintain their friendship while struggling to survive their first year of college... and trying to remember why they were friends in the first place...

    • DHX Media, MTV
    • Canada, United States of America
    • 13 x 30'
    • English
  • Series
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    The ever curious Twirlywoos seek adventure and fun wherever they go. Whether in the real world or on their big red boat they love to hide, imitate and be surprised as they discover new things.

    • Ragdoll Productions, DHX Media
    • United Kingdom, 2014
    • 100 x 11'
    • English, French
  • Series


    For a hair-raising good time, follow the adventures of five fabulous, fashionable friends as they deal with every day teen troll life, school, homework, crushes, evil monsters, magic spells, and an evil villain bent on destroying their town.Trollz is about the growing up in a magical world, where fun and adventure are larger than life!

    • DIC
    • United States of America, 2005
    • 27 x 30'
    • English, Dutch, Norwegian,...
  • Series
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    Topsy and Tim

    Topsy and Tim is a pre-school drama series for the 21st century. Drawing on the legacy of the British heritage books by Jean and Gareth Adamson, this series will reveal snapshots of contemporary family life from a child’s perspective that will resonate universally. Full of warmth, humour and above all authenticity, Topsy and Tim is a series that...

    • Darrall Macqueen, Penguin Books
    • United Kingdom, 2013
    • 71 x 11'
    • English, French
  • Series
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    The Zoo

    Produced by the award-winning team from the BBC’s Natural History Unit (Planet Earth, Walking With Dinosaurs) and shot in a mockumentary doc style, The Zoo follows the everyday action of the animals as they make friends, forge allegiances and attempt to manipulate each other. Using state of the art CGI and facial tracking technology, the zoo...

    • BBC Natural History
    • United Kingdom, 2016
    • 30 x 11'
    • English
  • Series

    The Mighty Jungle

    The Mighty Jungle is a live action puppet series for preschoolers, which captures the hopes, fears, frustrations, joys and silliness of children while exploring how preschoolers play and overcome obstacles both physical and emotional. The Mighty Jungle is a series substantially developed and guided by its preschool target audience.

    • Halifax Films
    • Canada, 2007
    • 46 x 11'
    • English, French, Spanish,...
  • Series

    The Littles

    Rarely seen by human eyes, are little people with tails and pointed ears living in the walls of houses and the tiny spaces of the world.  These nearly human creatures are known as "The Littles" and they live much as we do, in tightly-knit loving families with the same cares, worries, and joys that we share.  But being so tiny in so large a world...

    • DiC Entertainment
    • United States of America
    • 29 x 30'
    • English
  • Series

    The Little Lulu Show

    Quick-witted Lulu can outsmart boys, bullies and even grownups! Whether she’s catching frogs for a local restaurant, searching for hidden treasure or tracking down a thief, Little Lulu’s always got an ace up her sleeve. Together with her best friend Tubby, pint-sized Alvin, buck-toothed Annie, smooth Willie and the rest of the neighborhood gang,...

    • CINAR
    • Canada, United States of America, 1994
    • 52 x 30'
    • English, French, Portuguese,...
  • Series

    That's So Weird

    That’s So Weird! is what happens when seven unlikely friends stumble upon a third rate television network called So Weird TV, where the programming is even weirder than the name.  From Depressi High and Really Smallville to the other ultimate fighting, Ultimate Food Fighting - So Weird TV has it all.   But if you think that’s weird, wait until...

    • DHX Media
    • Canada, 2009
    • 39 x 30'
    • English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • Series

    Teletubbies (Classic)

    Teletubbies changed the children’s market forever when it launched in 1997 and continues its success as an evergreen brand. The multi-award-winning landmark children’s programme starring Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po has been watched by children in 120 countries and translated into 45 languages.

    • Ragdoll Productions
    • United Kingdom, 1997
    • 365 x 26'
    • English, French, Spanish, Danish,...
  • Series


    The timeless, unique and much loved Teletubbies are re-imagined for a new generation in 120 brand new episodes for 2017, starring costume characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. With rewarding rituals, sound play, and physical comedy, new generation Teletubbies will build upon many familiar and beloved features of the original series, but...

    • Darrall Macqueen, DHX Media
    • United Kingdom, 2015
    • 120 x 12'
    • English, French, Italian