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1 x 88'
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United Kingdom
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Kindle Entertainment
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No-one loves yuletide like Hank Zipzer and this year, with a new baby brother on the way, Hank means to have the Best. Christmas. Ever!  But Hank’s life never runs smoothly and soon Miss Adolf is turning Mr Rock’s Rudolph the Rock’n’Roll Reindeer into a one-woman Christmas Carol – two school inspectors are getting injured in a bizarre sleighing accident, Mr Joy is trying to cancel Christmas altogether, Stan and Papa Pete are battling over the new baby’s crib, Emily is trying to run Rosa’s pregnancy like CERN runs the Large Hadron Collider, oh and Hank is finding himself in love with world-renowned US popstar Hayden Chase after crashing her video shoot while on a pickle-based mission of mercy for Rosa.  In his attempt to drag triumph from the glittering jaws of doom, Hank will ice skate into disaster, nearly crash a Christmas tree into a crowd, get himself and his best friends Frankie and Ashley arrested, get his favourite teacher sacked and lose the love of his life.   This time, he really has let everyone down.  Surely even Hank can’t get out this one.  Luckily for us, there’s no way to tell Hank that.

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