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Key Information

26 x 11'
Year of production
Countries of origin
United Kingdom
Produced by
DHX Media, Mattel Creations, HIT Entertainment
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Bob the Builder, along with associate Wendy, apprentice Leo and a team of anthropomorphized construction vehicles build and renovate a variety of buildings, bridges, canals and tunnels for Spring City and nearby Fixham Harbor.  Conflicts arise when the overeager, sometimes competitive and occasionally naive vehicles get in over their head, requiring Bob to step in and teach the team lessons about responsibility, teamwork, friendship and leadership, resulting in successful builds.  Builds include (but are no limited to) a highway ramp, a stage for a fireworks display. an expansion to the local elementary school, a wind farm, a floating bridge, a scientific test facility, a canal that connects two rivers, two barns, an aqueduct, an underground tunnel, and demolishing and rebuilding a grocery store.

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