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1 x 44'
Year of production
Country of origin
United States of America
Produced by
Eh-Okay Entertainment
Movies & Specials

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Bob is a well-meaning but tightly-wound young elf with an aptitude for technical wizardry, but absolutely no elf magic to speak of. Eager to show his value, he attempts to improve Santa’s Sleigh with his home made “Floatinator” but gets caught mid-test drive by the evil puffin Fishface. As the sleigh spirals out of control and crash lands, Bob finds himself in unfamiliar territory. With the help of a grouchy fur-bearing trout named Fluffy, a mysterious creature called a Hidebehind named Blue, and a sweet but destructive ball-tailed cat named Wupsy, he must attempt to repair the sleigh and make his way back to the North Pole… if he can get past Fishface and his puffin legion.

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