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104 x 11'
Year of production
Country of origin
United States of America
Produced by
Mattel & HIT
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Little People is an animated, musical/comedy series that celebrates the power of collaborative play, developed specifically for the ever-imaginative, two to five year old audience. This series invites preschoolers to join our five, loveable ‘little people’ as they embark on imaginative adventures, inspired by their playful antics in a typical, suburban backyard. Whether learning to juggle in the jungle or skywrite in outer space, our ‘little people’ know that building on one another’s ideas is the best way to have fun. Each eleven minute episode of Little People includes a lesson in personal or social development and a variety of musical, comedy and make-believe moments – all loosely woven together in a sketch show format, but 100% reflective of the way kids naturally play together.

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